Dr Delavega

About Dr. de la Vega

Dr Ignacio de la Vega is one of the many dentists in tijuana but one of the few that speaks English; his mother was born in England. There are many web site references to Dr de la Vega and his high quality work as a dentist in tijuana mexico. This site was built specifically to introduce you to him and his work. You will find many links on this page to both Dr de la Vega’s home page and to other areas of interest in tijuana mexico when you are looking for a good dentist south of the border.drvegahello
Dr de la Vega is one of the top reconstructive and cosmetic dentist in tijuana mexico. While a specialist that is trained as a dentist to provide reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry , Dr de la Vega also provides general dentistry for root canals, implants, caps or dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, fillings, dental extractions, teeth bleaching or whitening, cosmetic veneers, cleanings and gum treatment.

Credentials. Dr de la Vega is a graduate of Autonomus University of Guadalajara a prestigious university recognized around the world and is the forth oldest university in the northern hemisphere. Dr de la Vega has maintained a professional office for more than 25 years serving patients from around the world. Specializing in some of the more difficult restorative and cosmetic procedures, Dr de la Vega is known in medical circles as a top practitioner that is knowledgeable and capable of solving some of the most difficult dental issues facing patients.