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Location: 5th street also known as Emiliano Zapata #1717 between Niños Heroes and Miguel F Martinez, Zona centro

If you are traveling from the United States or Canada it is the least expensive to fly into San Diego and stay in one of the many low cost hotels in town. From San Diego you can travel by trolley (called the Metropolitan Transit System – MTS) down to the border for couple of dollars round trip. The trolley travels from Old Town in San Diego to San Ysidro at the border. You can park for free at each station and then just walk across the border at the end.

You can also drive to the border and pay for parking at the border there or take a bus from anywhere in the San Diego area to the border.

New Medical Tourism Lane at the boarder:

A new program is available if you wish to drive across the border from the US and want to save hours of waiting in long traffic lines… For coming back into the San Ysidro Port of Entry from Tijuana, Dr de la Vega’s office can give you a medical tourism lane pass with a paid receipt from the office after you have had work done. Your car has to have US or Canadian license plates. You will be allowed access to the special medical tourism lane that has a gate across it in yellow. Once in the lane, vehicles are able to bypass the traffic on the Mexican side of the border crossing, and cut to nearly the front of the line which can save hours.

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Walk Across the border:

Once at the border you can walk across the thruway and go through a few gates and you come out at a taxi stand where a Bell Captain usually dressed in a yellow shirt (blue overcoat if it is winter) will escort you to one of the yellow cabs. The current cost of a cab is $5.00. The return cab ride is $7.00.  Be sure the cab has delivered you to Dr de la Vega’s office.  They get paid to bring people to other dentists so be sure you are the correct place.     Here is the Google Map link for you to print out before you leave.  Google Map Link

Crossing back into the US if walking the fast way:
PUENTE5Y10[1]Sometimes there are long lines at the border depending on the time of day,the day of the week or a holiday… If you did not drive and do not want to wait in the line coming back into the US you can take one of the small mini-vans that you will see street vendors trying to hustle you into. Trick is to negotiate with them. The mini-vans leave from a dirt lot about 200 feet from the entrance along those series of shops that sell all kinds of food and trinkets leading up to the border entrance. So. just start walking towards the border entrance. Do not get in line. As you approach the lot where the vans leave from you will be made better and better offers to jump into the next one and be at the border (without waiting in line) in a matter of minutes. Once in the van, once it fills up, you will be whisked away around a bunch of back roads, then a gate will open and your van will pull along side of the border customs building and a door will open and a US border guard will pop out, inspect the van and then you will be invited into a separate line inside the building to declare or not the things you are carrying. This service may or may not be running the day you come there so if you don’t see the street hawkers trying to sell you a fast way to cross when you arrive out of your Taxi Cab just get in line, buy a Churros from the vendors and enjoy the sun.

If you have any problems or not sure what to say or do with someone trying to speak to you just call the office and hand your phone to that person and Dr. de la Vega’s staff will explain anything you need.  Go to Contact

Helpful Information

  • Baja California Tourism Information: (800) 225-2786
  • Ensenada Convention & Visitor Bureau: (61) 78-2411. Blvd. Costero y Blvd. Teniente Azueta, #540, Ensenada, B.C. 22800.
  • Mexico Travel Brochures: (800) 44-MEXICO
  • Rosarito Convention & Visitor Bureau: (800) 962-BAJA. 907 #14 Centro Comercial Oeanna Plaza
    Rosarito, B.C.
  • The People’s Guide to Mexico. An Underground Compendium of Interesting Facts and FAQ’s.  www.PeoplesGuide.com.  
  • San Ysidro Border Station Tourist Information: (619) 428-6200. 4570 Camino de la Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173.

Taxi Cab right at exit door… very safe, easy -about $5.00

Bridge over Rt 5 at Border 

Gates into Mexico

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